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Create your own drinking water supplies

A water filter technology that was first developed over 180 years ago, with a proven history of continuing product development.  These are the Doulton® and British Berkefeld® ceramic water filters manufactured to stringent international standards.

With Arkwater.com’s Doulton® water purifiers, you can create your own drinking water supplies. No need to boil.  Be Your Own Bottler at home, in the field, Anytime, Anywhere.


Rural Family Units

RuralRural Family Units are low-cost water purifiers created for use in villages for villagers. The Doulton Sterasyl® or  SuperSterasyl® candles provide excellent, effective and reliable  bacterial filtration to produce Streams of Healthy, Purer Drinking Water.

No piping or electricity is needed. Water from ponds, rivers, rain, mud puddles can be collected for filtration.

Easy maintenance. Doulton® Ceramic Candles are cleanable.

Molded from food-grade white plastic.

Light, stackable and easily transportable in bulk.


img17.gifSkyHydrantä Water Filtration Unit

The SkyHydrant™ water filter unit produces pure clean drinking water for developing countries and for disaster and emergency relief.  This freestanding model (pictured) is lightweight, portable, economical and uses no chemicals to produce clean, safe and completely sustainable drinking water.  A single SkyHydrant™ will purify at least 10,000 litres of water per day depending upon the source water.




L’il Bro handheld water filter (S$30.00)BL bro

Drink clean water with peace of mind from ponds, creeks, lakes, rivers, wells, cisterns and rain. 99.99% bacterial reduction, 99% for viral removal, 0.2 micron filtration, using hollow fibre membrane disposable. Can be used directly with a straw or fitted to a hydration bag.


Hydration Bag Hydration bag – 3 litre (S$15.00)





Rural Systems

Rural System-6 is a compact frame mounted unit that is about the size of a standard trolley bag.  It will provide water for about 100 people or about 100 litres/hour with water from a clean borehole.

RS6 includes:

  • 6 Filtration Stages (modular)
  • Including Doulton® Sterasyl 10″ ceramic water filter cartridge (microfiltration)
  • 1 Ultraviolet sterilizer unit (for virus deactivation)
  • Arkwater 12V DC Drinking Water Pump
  • 230V AC to 12V Power Supply for Water pump
  • Compact Steel / Aluminium Mounting frame
  • Connectors, adaptors and flexible piping
  • Connectors and adaptors


Community System-4 (CS4)

CS4 is a high volume drinking water filtration system for small communities or institutions of about 1000 people. This portable filtration system is ideal for disaster relief.

Depending on the source water quality, CS4-10 & CS4-20 can produce up to 900 litres/hour.  Typically, with a 20% duty cycle, the unit will  produce about 3,000 litres of drinking water a day.

The actual flow rate is determined by several on-ground factors including influent, clogging of filters and pump performance.

  • With AC power and pumps,  storage tanks, appropriate flocculation and influent with low sedimentation, in an application such as removing cholera from otherwise clear water, CS4-20 can certainly reach higher throughput than 900 litres/hour. .
  • However, deployments using battery  power and DC pumps, with turbid influent such as may happen after an earthquake will have less filtration throughput.

CS4-20 Standard Package now includes the CS4-20-DC Module (listed below) comprising of a DC-powered pump and accessories.  This runs the CS4 Drinking Water Filtration System from a 24V DC battery (e.g. a truck battery) which is commonly available in many rural areas.

The CS4 Systems may alternatively be driven by a user-supplied pump.

CS4-20 Standard Package includes 3 modules:

CS4-20-M Main Module, which includes 5 stages:

  • 4 Filtration Stages (modular)
  • including Rio-2000 6-element ceramic filter
  • 1 Ultraviolet sterilizer unit (for virus deactivation)
  • Compact Steel / Aluminium Mounting frame
  • Flocculation pack

CS4-20-PF Module, which includes:

  • 2-pre-filtration J10 stages
  • Refillable filter housings with filter media (modular)
  • Mounting bracket and assembly hardware

CS4-20-DC Module, which includes:

  • DC Pump (24V) – with automatic pressure shut off.
  • Power Supply for Pump (24V)
  • Inlet Sieve/Filter
  • Inverter 24V DC to 230V AC   (to power UV steraliser)
  • Adaptors, connectors and assembly hardware

Not included: Battery, Water tank & tank tap, water storage bottle.

An optional CS4-20-SM Solar Module,  includes:

  • Mitsubishi Solar Panel 120W
  • Phocos Charge Controller


Countertop Single SCP-S (Price S$199.00)SCP
1 Single-Housing with Spout (China)
1 Doulton® Supercarb 10″ candle (UK)

–     Basic ceramic filter with silver impregnated ceramic structure, plus a carbon block core

–     Removes harmful bacteria, water-borne cysts

–     Reduces chlorine and chemicals

–     Improves taste

1 pc Threaded Metal Tap Adaptor (China)


Countertop Single SCS-S (Price: S$399.00)SCS

1 Stainless Steel Single-Housing with Spout
1 Doulton® Ultracarb 10″ candle (UK)

–     Supercarb, plus heavy metal removal media

–     Removes harmful bacteria, water-borne cysts

–     Reduces chlorine, chemicals and dissolved heavy metals

–     Best for urban use

1 pc Threaded Metal Tap Adaptor (China)

Countertop Single HCP (Price: S$486.00)HCP
(Assembled in the UK)

1 Single-Housing with Spout
1 Doulton® Ultracarb 10″ candle
1 pc Threaded Metal Tap Adaptor (Singapore)



Countertop Double HCP (Price: S$626.00)HCP=D
(Assembled in the UK)

1 Double-Housing with Spout
Stage 1 Filter*: Fluoride Reduction filter
Stage 2 Filter: Doulton® Ultracarb 10″ candle
1 pc Threaded Metal Tap Adaptor (Singapore)

*Choice of Alternative Stage 1 Filter:
DN-CL-10: Chloramine Reduction Candle (UK)
• DN-SF-10: Scale Reduction Candle (UK)
CN10-CTO: CTO Reduction Candle (China)
CN10-GAC: GAC Candle (China)
CN10-PP: Meltblown PP Candle (China)



Gravity Model (Price: S$335 to S$685.00)Gravity

Great for Camping, the Outdoors, Emergency and Disaster Relief usage. No worries about drinking water for families and kids. Water from ponds, creeks, lakes, rivers, wells, cisterns, rain, or even water you have stored a long time for yourself, can be used for drinking and cooking with peace of mind. Provides the highest levels of bacteriological and particulate protection, removes harmful bacteria and impurities. Cleanable filter with a long lifespan.

Gravity flow design needs no water pressure or electricity. Models differ in number of filter candles and holding capacity. All models take the 10-inch or 7-inch British Berkefeld/Doulton® Sterasyl® or British Berkefeld/ Doulton®  SuperSterasyl® candle.


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