Portable Emergency Solar Power – Personal, Home, Rural

Portable Power to Stay Connected

mPowerpad Xtend 6W/12W Solar kit – 6W (Price: S$60.00) / 12W (Price: S$100.00)6W solar panel

A portable solar kit for plug-in power anywhere

mPowerpad Xtend (6W, 12W) is a portable solar kit that provides convenient off-the-grid power to recharge smartphones and power banks. A built-in smart chip ensures continuous charging even in varying weather conditions. Compact and lightweight, it comes with ring holes for hanging plus an attached pocket to store devices and cables while charging on-the-go.


mPowerpad Tuff solar charger and light (3000mAh) – (Price: S$60.00)Survival 2

Rugged solar charger with power and light for the outdoors.

mPowerpad Tuff is a rugged solar charger that provides power and light for your outdoor life. Its highly efficient solar panel charges fast when placed under the sun. When the sun goes down, four rotatable LEDs provide ample light for reading or work. A built-in hook offers versatile support for charging and light.


mPowerflash emergency kit (5200 mAh) – (Price: S$48.00)Picture4

Rechargeable flashlight, power bank with built-in emergency tools. mPowerflash is a versatile, rechargeable LED flashlight with built-in power bank and life-saving tools. Rugged and water-resistant, it is designed for use outdoors and in emergency situations. Integrated windshield breaker and seatbelt cutter makes it an essential rescue tool for the car.


mPowerlight (Price: S$10.00)light

0.3W solar panel charges battery in 8 hours. 400mAH rechargeable battery lights up LED. LED bulbs has 2 modes bright (4hr) normal (6-8 hrs). Comes with a multi-purpose metal stand.


mPower rural home 2LC (Price: S$60.00)Picture3

4W panel can charge main power bank in 8-10 hours. With 2600mAH/7.4V battery can light up 2 LED bulbs provided for up to 7 hrs. Also charge a phone through the hydra cable.


mPower rural home 4LC (Price: S$100.00)TWP_rural_portfolio1

8W panel can charge main power bank in 7-9 hours. With 5200mAH/7.4V battery can light up 3-4 LED bulbs provided for up to 6 hrs. Also charge a phone through the hydra cable.


mPowermobile 400(Price: S$750.00), 800(S$1,550.00)1200(S$1,950.00)1500(S$2,250.00)

mPowerMobile 400

mPowerMobile 400

Portable high capacity storage system with Lithium battery for powering AC/DC devices while away from the grid.

AC output 300W, 2 separate ports, DC Output 5V/USB, 12V/Car Input – AC (120 W), Solar with MPPT (120W). Weight 6.5kg, size 23x14x29.5 cm.

768WH battery capacity, weight 8Kg

1152WH battery capacity,  weight 10kg

1536WH battery capacity,  weight 12kg  


RuralmPower Xpand 100W polyester casing panel folds for mPowermobile (Price: S$380)

100W polyester casing panel folds into a foldable bag (3.5 kg)



mPowercard power bank (Price: S$15.00)

Card-sized power in your pocketslim1

mPowercard is an ultra-thin 2500mAh power bank that provides portable back-up power for smartphones, tablets and other USB devices. No larger than a credit card, it comes with a built-in micro USB cable and connector that charges without the need for messy external cables.


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